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How to Use OH Cards Independently?

A Guide for Self-Discovery and Creativity
OH cards are a versatile tool that can help anyone with self-discovery, personal growth, and developing creative thinking. In this article, we will explain how to use OH cards independently to achieve various goals.
What are OH Cards?
OH cards are a set of cards with images that evoke different associations and emotions. These cards help individuals better understand their inner experiences, find answers to important questions, and unlock their creative potential.
Why Use OH Cards Independently?
OH cards can be useful for:
  • Self-discovery and understanding your emotions.
  • Developing intuition and creative thinking.
  • Finding solutions to complex situations.
  • Meditation and relaxation.
  • Creative inspiration.

How to Choose OH Cards?

There are many sets of OH cards available, each with its own theme and style. Choose a set that resonates with you and your interests. Pay attention to the quality of the images. You can check out my catalog of author's decks and choose a suitable one.

Methods for Independent Use of OH Cards

1. Self-Discovery and Emotional Analysis
Intuitive Card Selection:
Relax and focus on your feelings. Choose a card that attracts your attention, and think about the associations and emotions it evokes.
Writing Thoughts:
Keep a journal where you write down your thoughts and feelings related to the chosen card. This will help you better understand yourself and your experiences.
2. Finding Solutions to Complex Situations
Defining the Problem:
Formulate the problem or question that concerns you.
Choosing Cards:
Select one or more cards that you believe can help you find an answer or solution.
Examine the images on the cards and try to find symbolic answers to your question. Pay attention to the details and associations that arise.
3. Meditation and Relaxation
Meditation on the Image:
Choose a card and focus on its image. Look at it, allowing your thoughts and feelings to flow freely. This will help you relax and enter a meditative state.
Use the card as an object for visualization. Imagine yourself in the scene depicted on the card, and try to feel all the details and emotions associated with this image.
4. Developing Creative Thinking
Story Creation:
Choose several cards and create a story based on them. This exercise will help you develop creative thinking and find new ideas.
Drawing and Writing:
Use the cards as a source of inspiration for drawing or writing. Choose a card and create a piece based on the image depicted.
Practical Exercises with OH Cards
Exercise 1: "Cards of the Day"
Every morning, choose one card and write down your associations and feelings related to it. At the end of the day, revisit your notes and think about how the events of the day relate to the chosen card. This exercise will help you develop intuition and mindfulness.
Exercise 2: "Dialogue with the Card"
Choose a card and imagine that the character or object depicted on it can talk. Have a dialogue with it, asking questions and receiving answers. Write down your impressions and conclusions. This exercise will help you gain deeper insight into your inner experiences.
Exercise 3: "Problem and Resource Card"
Choose two cards: one that symbolizes your problem and another that symbolizes your resources or strengths. Compare these cards and think about how you can use your resources to solve the problem. Write down your ideas and steps for implementation.
OH cards are a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal development. By using them independently, you can better understand your emotions, find answers to important questions, and unlock your creative potential. Experiment with different methods and exercises to find those that work best for you.