Nino Lavrenkova
as a photographer

As a photographer, I mainly work with private clients and do individual shoots. I also occasionally work with makeup artists to create beauty shots (close up portraits to show makeup). My favorite genres are portraits, nudes, dancers, business portraits. However, I am also interested in other genres such as subject photography
In portraits I appreciate the opportunity to convey the individuality of a person, his or her current inner state. I try to emphasize the depth and beauty of a person as I see it. During the shoot I pay a lot of attention to communication with the hero of the photo session, setting the light and choosing the angle of shooting. I can and like to shoot both classic portraits with soft light and find more creative, unusual solutions (colored and mixed light, emotions, poses, etc.).
Nudity and dancers
To convey the beauty of the human body through photography is my favorite thing to do. I am convinced that any body is beautiful and my mission in photography is to show people that they are beautiful. I want it to be like art, not a fair of vulgarity
Product photography
I also really enjoy taking pictures of items, products and merchandise to post on social media and online stores. These photos serve as great product demonstrations and help increase sales.

Publications in magazines

My works both as a photographer and as a retoucher were published in magazines in the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan.

What can I do for you
All of the creative endeavors I engage in are not only fulfilling to me, but can be beneficial to you as well
I have been a professional photographer since 2017. I create photos for both private clients and companies. I also realize my creative projects
Quality retouching will make your shots more attractive, which means your services and products will sell even better
I've already created a lot of visual content that will be useful in your project. Or you can make a customized order