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What are OH Cards?

History, Application, and Benefits
OH cards are a powerful tool for self-discovery, psychotherapy, and creativity. They consist of a set of cards with images that evoke various associations and emotions in the user. These cards help to reveal a person's inner world, understand their feelings and experiences, and find answers to important questions.
Other Names for OH Cards
Oh cards are also known by various names such as, metaphorical cards, associative cards, image cards, insight cards, and therapeutic cards. All these terms describe the same tool used for working with metaphors and associations.
OH cards emerged in the 1970s thanks to the work of German psychologist Moritz Egetmeyer and his colleague, artist Ely Raman. They created the first sets of cards used for therapeutic purposes with clients. Since then, oh cards have gained widespread popularity and have become a favored tool among psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches, and trainers worldwide.

The History of OH Cards
Who Uses OH Cards and Why?
OH cards are used in various fields:
  • Psychology and Psychotherapy:
    Psychologists and psychotherapists use the cards with clients to help them understand their feelings, find solutions to problems, and become aware of internal conflicts.
  • Coaching and Training:
    Coaches and trainers use oh cards to motivate and self-discover participants in training sessions, helping them unlock potential and achieve goals.
  • Personal Development:
    Many people use oh cards independently for self-discovery and intuition development. The cards help realize true desires, overcome fears, and find new ways to solve problems.
  • Creativity:
    Artists, writers, and other creative individuals use oh cards for inspiration and to develop creative thinking. The cards help see the world from a new perspective and create unique works.


Metaphorical cards are a universal tool that helps people better understand themselves and others, unlock their potential, and find answers to important questions. They are used by professionals in various fields and can be beneficial to everyone for personal development and creativity.